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VAPr Virtual Assistant Player - Alexa skills manager

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Gypsys Dream

VAPr Virtual Assistant Player - Alexa skills manager
« on: December 30, 2016, 10:40:47 am »
I just published an android app that allows you to create playlists for demonstrating skills of any voice assistant.  I am interested in getting any kind of feedback from users.  I have mostly been testing this with Alexa, but should work fine with Hey Siri and Cortana. 

The premise behind this, when I first got my echo I came across numerous websites that had lists of things to try.  Now there are many examples for Echo, Siri, Cortana, Hey Goggle, etc.  I didn't feel like reading all of these examples and then forgetting where the good skills were on the web, so I decided I needed an app to extract these questions, manage the inventory of skills with flexible playlist management and provide the ability to execute the playlists using text-to-speech and speech recognition to determine when a response has been received.  Since I had to detect responses, I attempt to convert the received audio back to text for display.  The audio is never stored, although it is transmitted to Google Voice Services for conversion.

To find playlists, Google things like “Alexa questions”, “Siri questions”, “Things to ask Cortana”.  A lot of the skills are supported on multiple platforms, so don’t limit searches to one technology.  Copy the web address and paste into VAPr and a list of candidate playlists will be generated based on several parsing algorithms.  Select the one with the best results and “Create playlist” to add a new playlist to the inventory.  After creating the playlist, you can go to edit playlist mode and clean up any undesirable results.

So, I worked on this on and off over the last year.  I look forward to hearing people’s opinion of the app and anything you think could be an improvement or new directions to take it.  It’s been fun developing it and I hope some people find it fun or useful.

Alexa video demo
Play store listing

Thanks for any feedback!

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