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Survey about Internet of Things devices. **Possibility of winning $30**

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     Hi Internet of Things (IoT) users of the Echotalk community. We are researchers from Oregon State University conducting a study on configuring and using IoT devices, and the challenges that users face when configuring and deploying these devices in the home. We would like to know how you configure the security settings of these devices and any hurdles that you face/have faced. Answers to these questions will provide useful indications to how we can improve the security and usability of these devices.

     This study is composed of a short survey (Less than 15 minutes). There will be a raffle where for every 25 participants, 1 random person gets $30. If you are willing and able to participate in the study, please click the following link to go to the Qualtrics survey:

     If you have any questions about the survey, please contact: Anita Sarma  (

     Thank you for reading this and we hope you can help us make these products better!

     Dr. Anita Sarma
     Associate Professor
     Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
     Oregon State University
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