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Calling by name only working One Way

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Calling by name only working One Way
« on: December 23, 2021, 06:25:00 am »
We have 11 Echo Dots on our home network but on three different accounts so I can say "Call Barrie", Call Karen" or call Blayn".  I am John or Granddad depending on who calls me.
Everything has been working fine until recently.  When Blayn calls me all my Dots announce. "Blayn is calling... etc"   but when I say "Alexa Call Blayn"  it doesnt matter which one I ask, the response is "There is a Blayns on High St, do you wish .... etc etc "   High St in Gainsborough is a pokey back street in a residential area and has no shops, so ther is NO Blayns or Blaines on the Hight St. !!

I have checked the Apps and all are set up for Call Alexa devices as a preference.  Nicknames etc are all ok  and I have rebooted the Dots several times.  This peculiarity is the same if Barrie or Karen try to call Blayn (who is only upstairs) on their devices.It IS possible to call her through the app on the phone.  !!!!  This is most peculiar.

I dont understand why it now only works in one direction!

Can you shed any light on this and help use get back to the way things were.