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Echo keeps changing its status

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Echo keeps changing its status
« on: November 05, 2021, 02:09:08 am »
We've had a 4th Gen Echo for quite a while.  I installed a wi-fi extender in the same room because of spotty coverage, and since - until just recently - we've had no problems.  However, right now, it's been going through a whole long list of changes; from not responding at all, and then having the color of the ring at the bottom changing for no reason - including the color not fading.  I moved it to another room easily within range of the wi-fi of my router, and upon restarting, the color ring ended up bright red, the time was again shown for the first time in a couple of days, and the action button was also red.  Upon pressing the action button, the red color faded and Alexa responded for the first time in the same couple of days.  I then moved the Echo back to its (supposedly) permanent location, and restarted it.  "Hello" came on, but the time didn't.  When I pressed the action button, all the lights went out, as expect, and Alexa responded to commands.  So... how come no time?  ...and how can I deal with an Echo this schizophrenic?