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How to make a Conditional Branching Routine in Alexa?

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How to make a Conditional Branching Routine in Alexa?
« on: March 04, 2020, 07:57:40 pm »
I'm trying to find a way to create a conditional branching reminder, by turning an Alexa Reminder into a Routine, as follows:
Instead of "At 10AM Ask: "Mr Jones, did you take your meds today?" (repeated twice as every Reminder is); and then silence; how about:

If Mr Jones says "Yes" then Alexa says: "Good for You!" and stops;
Otherwise the question is repeated hourly until Jones either says "Yes" or "ShutUp!"

I realize this could probably be done by creating a Skill but I don't feel I measure up yet to grasping that challenge and would like to see if I could do it as suggested above. (On the computer, I could probably have done it inside a relational database management program, but Alexa is a new challenge and I'm a lot older now!)
I've thought about weaving in IFTTT somehow, but didn't get very far and maybe it wouldn't be needed.

Any suggestions or advice would be very welcome!