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INVITING Beta Testers To Test ALEXA Skill

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INVITING Beta Testers To Test ALEXA Skill
« on: October 23, 2018, 05:34:22 am »
You are invited to Beta test JIRA ASSIST!


What is it about?

The Alexa skill every Scrum Master has been waiting for is now open for Beta Testing.
JIRA ASSIST allows you to manage your projects in JIRA account with just your voice.

You can now get status of your projects/sprints, create tasks/subtasks, know your deliverables, etc by saying “Alexa, open Jira assist.” It’s available in both EN-IN and EN-US languages.

In the beta version of JIRA ASSIST, you can do the following in Jira:
1. Create a subtask
2. Know the status of active sprint
3. Describe the goals of the current release
4. Know the velocity of your team
and many more…

With JIRA ASSIST, every Scrum Master has his own assistant now.

Why should I do it?

Even if you are not a scrum master, being a beta tester will allow you to refine your Alexa skills and you might as well have a chance to win exciting prizes.

How should I accept the invitation?

If you are interested to know more about the skill or register for beta testing, fill out this form: