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Amazon Prime Music Search
« on: February 12, 2016, 06:33:16 pm »
Just got my Echo and was trying it out.  I said "Alexa play Bee Jees", she did, I said "Alexa play Piano Music, she did.  My wife who I'm trying to sell on the idea walked by and said "Alexa play Violin Music"... Alexa says she can find that in my library.  No there isn't any violin music in my library (or piano which worked), what about the entire Prime Music Library???  There is plenty of violin music there.  I can play a ton of violin music in my Amazon Prime Music app.  Been stuck on this for several hours, anybody know why this simple request won't work? 

Also a little disappointed that winds aren't included in the weather.  Every online weather source has winds.

Thanks so much!