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How would I tell the difference between two Echos on the same account?

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I'm thinking of buying two Echos (one for upstairs and one for downstairs).

They'd both be tied to the same Amazon account. I'm sure that it's easy to tell one from the other in the Alexa App settings to control the settings for each one, but is there something I can ask each Echo so it can identify which one it is?

If I were to set them both up on the same account, can I ask each Echo what it's Device Name (or "Friendly Name" as Amazon Help calls it) and have it speak that to me so I can always tell which Echo has which Device Name on the App?

If so, what would the right question be to ask it to get it to speak that information?


P.S- I suppose I could just skin one or both of them to tell them apart, huh? :)
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