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Yonomi with Harmony, Alexa & Wink

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Yonomi with Harmony, Alexa & Wink
« on: April 22, 2017, 11:39:01 am »
I set up Yonomi "TV On" & a "TV Off" routines which turns the TV on/off. It also turns some lights on/off.  When I run the routine from the Yonomi App everything quickly works as it should.  However, when I use Alexa Voice commands the TV will turn on/off, but the lights won't.  If I repeat the exact same command a 2nd time, after the TV has turned on, then the lights will turn on/off. It's as if Alexa doesn't run the Yonomi routine when I give the command the 1st time and instead only runs the Harmony blue skill, but after the TV is on it will run the Yonomi routine with the second command.  Anyone run into this? Figured out what the problem is? Fixed it!