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Title: Alexa plays the previous song instead of the one I ask for
Post by: raidoberkana on December 01, 2019, 10:49:18 am
Hi everyone, this is a really minor problem but can't seem to find an answer online!

We recently got an Amazon Echo and linked it up to my spotify. We've run into the problem, however, that Alexa won't play the song we ask for, but rather the one it played previously.
For example, yesterday morning we had a Frank Sinatra playlist on. We didn't listen to any music at all after that until this afternoon when I asked to play songs by a different artist. Alexa said it was playing the song I asked for but picked up where it left off with Frank Sinatra from yesterday. It's done this consistently over the past couple of days. The only fix for this seems to be to manually enter what I want to listen to on my spotify app, or unlink the echo from spotify and relink every time I want to ask it to play something new. It's just a bit of a faff doing that every time.

Hopefully there's a fix for this, thank you!