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Title: Send message to another dot
Post by: sorethumbs on August 12, 2019, 08:06:28 am
I'm trying to find out how you can message (voice or typewritten) a particular dot in my home
I know you can 'drop in' on another dot - or send an announcement to all 'dots' throughout the house but I would like to be able to send a message to just one dot.

I'm stumped because I've come across something I just can't figure out.  I have 3 dots in the house called 'Dad', 'daughter' and 'downstairs' - all have been named that way.  If I ask Alexa to message any of those 3 devices by name its says sorry I don't have that contact which makes sense as I don't have those as contacts in my app.
I have a Sonos One downstairs which I have named the device as 'Dining Room' and linked to the Alexa app so I can ask it to 'play radio on Dining Room' and sonos plays instead of the dot via voice command.

Now here's the part I'm stumped with - If I ask Alexa to 'message dining room' it sends a message and plays on my dot called 'downstairs'.  How is that happening?