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Title: 2 User's One Household - Confused..
Post by: Swampster on January 30, 2019, 06:42:09 am
Hi Folks,
A quick overview of the setup..
I have.
1 x Echo Plus (2nd Gen)
1 x Echo Spot

There are 2 users in the household, myself and my wife.. while I'm the primary account holder, my waif is actually a part of both my Amazon Prime Household and Alexa Hold, we both have our voice profiles set up too..

My goal in simple terms is for Alexa recognize each of us by voice and carry our a specific action dependent on who spoke. For example, I have 2 bedside lamps in the bedroom . Lamp1 (Mine) Lamp2 (the Wife's).
If I say Alexa, I'm going to bed - I want to turn on Lamp1 (and NOT Lamp2)
but of the wife says the same thing I want to turn on Lamp2 (and NOT Lamp1)

Is this actually possible? I mean Alexa does recognize who we are - you can actually ask Who am i? and she gets it right!

If it is possible I'm kinda stumped as to how to configure this.. I compared the app on my mobile, vs the app on my wife's mobile, and sure enough none of the routines I have created are visible on my wife's app. So I assumed it would be as simple as replicating each of the routines I'd created within the app on my wife's phone albeit with a different outcome.

The next problem I'm faced with then is when I go to create a new routine on the wife's mobile app it then asks me to connect alexa to any specific device I want to control. For example Lamp2. The thing is Alexa is already connected to Lamp2 via the app on my phone.. but none of the 'smart' devices actually appear in my wife's app?

Is there a way around this? Any tips greatly appreciated..
Title: Re: 2 User's One Household - Confused..
Post by: anthonylaizure86 on January 30, 2019, 12:49:51 pm
I think you are going to have issues trying to handle multi-account users. I switched to just having my account as just logging in 2 accounts caused all kinds of problems. Now you could have different command words for each of your routines. I know that's not ideal. Maybe someone else can chime in here.
Title: Re: 2 User's One Household - Confused..
Post by: jarwyn on February 03, 2019, 04:17:42 am
I think 'groups' may be able to assist you. Set up a group for 'your' bedside lamp and another group for your wife. Then you can switche them on / off using the 'group' name.

Hope that helps.