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Title: Controlling Winamp over PC to airfoil Connected Airplay Soundbox
Post by: Sectomy on November 04, 2016, 02:42:37 pm

Topic :D

ive read some stuff about HA Bridge, etc, and Controlling Airfoil with the Airfoil APi Wrapper, but i have a really "dummy" for "end users" Question. (OK, some configure etc, and hard to work etc. is okay.)

Is it possible to:

ive got a Notebook, with BT and Winamp running , which is connected via Airfoil to my Logitech Airplay Box.

is there any Possibility, to start winamp, play, pause, stop ?
via HA it is possible to control Airfoil, but whats about Winamp ? :)

Any Ideas, Links, etc. ?

Receiving my Echo tomorrow, hopefully...and :( im in Germany, so my Harmony wont work either....maybe we can do some tricks and tipps exchange....

maybe you have some links, which i should really do with my echo dot :)

btw. heres the link for Airfoil, HA BRidge and Airfoil Api: