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Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Blood pressure monitors (like Omron) and Alexa
« Last post by scottrods on June 17, 2021, 11:03:42 am »
I looked up the Alexa compatible OMRON units. Mine's not one. I have a BP5450. It is Bluetooth also, but is not capable of dealing with the monitor directly through Alexa. Although I think the app will connect to alexa, to get monthly stats and comparisons and such... but some of their higher-end Schmancy Monitors you can ask Alexa "What's my blood pressure"... I am assuming from reading, that the monitor needs to be in place and "on" to some degree for it to take your blood pressure using the Alexa app... which nearly makes the particular operation kind of moot, siince you should already be fairly aware that you have put your cuff on and turned on the machine... It'd be different if you could take your blood pressure with the Apple watch and/or a wearable type monitor... but only see BP monitors so far. Some things just don't really contriubute much to our "Smart lives"... this is one of those cases where very few will actually benefit from the app and Skill set ups... some will but it is kind of cumbersome overall.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Blood pressure monitors (like Omron) and Alexa
« Last post by jwlv on June 16, 2021, 09:54:27 pm »
I have an Omron bluetooth blood pressure monitor. It's very easy to use with big bright easy to read numbers. But I'm not aware of any Alexa integration with it. Perhaps there's a newer version that works with Alexa.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Blood pressure monitors (like Omron) and Alexa
« Last post by Hovawart on June 16, 2021, 01:25:15 pm »
Those of you who are using health skills to keep track of your elderly loved ones' blood pressure through Alexa, using a bluetooth-enabled BP monitor such as Omron, how satisfied are you with the smoothness of this operation? Does it work well?
after the first page, the survey has absolutely nothing to do with smart home.   It has to do with emotional well being and getting support.   what a sham
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did you try moving it as was suggested over at reddit?   You also never mentioned whether or not news and music dropped too.   Also wonder what wifi is it connected on 2.4 or 5 GHz.   If possible try the one not being used.
I moved my mother from the 10th floor independent living to 2nd floor assisted living.  Each unit has its own modem and password. Alexa worked great on the 10th floor.  On the 2nd floor, all calls in and out are dropped in 12 to 15 seconds.  I spent much time working with Amazon.  It is a first gen Echo Show 10".  She is able to ask it the time, weather, etc. but is totally upset about not being able to call and I cannot drop in on her anymore.  Amazon had me deregister the device and then add it again.  With the help of a nurse for the password, we have it up and running again - but calls are still immediately dropped.  I have the cell phone with me (5 hrs away) and can see that the unit is online sometimes, and off line others.  She does have a oxygen concentrator nearby (maybe 6 feet?).  Could that cause wifi interference?  Is the wifi signal too weak?  She is both hearing and visually challenged and totally upset over this move.  Would a newer Echo Show require less bandwidth?  Anyone with any ideas out there?  (She is 99).
Amazon Echo Discussion / Amazon Echo Kids Edition
« Last post by Elliot on June 13, 2021, 06:57:59 am »
Hi - hope someone can help me.

Last December I purchased an Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Kids Edition from Virgin Megastore in Doha, Qatar, where I am currently living. I am from the UK and have a UK Amazon Account. I have an Echo Dot 1st Generation which I brought out with me, which works fine. The Kids Edition I bought for my son also worked fine for 6 months, up until last week when it suddenly started asking me to complete Amazon Kids setup in the Alexa app. But when I select the device in my app, Amazon Kids is not displaying as an option to select.

I spoke to Amazon - they are saying that the Kids Edition will only work in the US, and that there must have been a recent software update which is now detecting the location. They say there is no way to finish setting it up here in Qatar. I have tried setting the device location and timezone to the US, I've tried using the app on my phone with a VPN set to the US. I've tried factory resetting the device. None of this has worked. Amazon say that none of their devices work in Qatar - but this is clearly not true because everyone I know out here has an Alexa and they work fine, as does my other Echo Dot. I wish I hadn't bought the Kids Edition now - I only bought it because I thought my son would like the rainbow stripes. If it was a regular one I wouldn't be having this problem.

Can anyone suggest any workaround to solve this? I can potentially give the device to an American friend who is about to travel to the US for the summer. Amazon have said if she completes the setup, it should remember the setting when I reconnect it here in Qatar. But I am sceptical. Thanks.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Echo dot drop in
« Last post by copper50 on June 09, 2021, 12:29:07 pm »
Echo dot disconnects after a minute or two
Please Elaborate
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