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I was getting exactly the same error message, I updated Alexa, I uninstalled and re-installed it, but still the same. But I eventually found a solution on my Samsung phone. . . .

Go to settings - Apps - Amazon Alexa - Set as Default - Go to Supported URL's (in this app) - then check "In this App" instead of "Always ask".

This worked a treat for me.

Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Unable to link accounts. Your Alexa app needs an update
« Last post by jwlv on June 14, 2024, 12:57:03 am »
I stopped developing Alexa skills a couple of years ago. I find the constant changing and limiting functions quite frustrating. One day it works and the next it doesn't. And then some other developer's skill that I didn't even enable gets priority over my skill that is enabled. So instead of invoking my skill and replying to my command, it asks if i want to enable some other skill that isn't even related to mine. BLAH!
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Unknown Voice in Voice History
« Last post by jwlv on June 14, 2024, 12:49:25 am »
Probably a ghost if you believe in that sort of thing. How old is the house? Have you noticed any strange happenings since you moved into the house?

There is a hack where someone can send an inaudible ultrasonic command to Alexa from outside of the house. It has been documented since 2017. Here's an article about it:
Amazon Echo Discussion / Unknown Voice in Voice History
« Last post by simplesgirl92 on June 13, 2024, 07:59:30 am »
I'm not quite sure how to say this, but I think my Echo device picked up a ghost asking it to turn a light on.

The device in question is in my little boys room. It was the middle of the night about 20 past midnight. Heading to the loo I heard his Alexa say (A few devices share the name light) Which we have a few but none are simply called 'Light'. No one was in the room at the time, baby boy was in our room in our bed.

When I looked back through the voice history for that time of night a male muffled male voice can be heard saying 'Alexa, turn the light off'. Ever so faintly with a lot background gain. The voice history then has a few entries of audio not being understood.

Basically, do we actually have a ghost, or is there a way that device can record a voice that isn't actually there through hacking! Help!

I just brought a 2nd Gen Echo Auto. I set it up and works fine till I try and use navigation. My default navigation program with Alexa is Google Maps. I have set up home and work addresses. When I tell Alexa to 'navigate to home' it responds by saying 'getting directions' (forget its exact words) and than it does nothing.

When I look at my android phone it has loaded up Google Maps, but it has not executed directions to home address. If I type the home address into Google Maps on my own it will play the directions through the car speakers fine.

Settings info:

My Google Assist settings are driving mode = on, allow incoming calls while driving = on.

Under Google Maps I went ---> click on profile ---> Settings ---> Navigation Settings (all options are turned on - Mute state = unmuted, Guidance volume = normal, play voice over bluetooth = on, play voice during phone calls = on, play audio cues = on

Under the Alexa app --> Settings ---> Traffic the default app is Maps. My Google Maps app is called 'maps'. It even loads up Google Maps but does not execute directions.

My android phone is using android version 10.

My car supports Android Auto and it is turned on.
might want to check out  just scroll up and down and see all the changes where features are being taken away, not added.   
Amazon Echo Discussion / Unable to link accounts. Your Alexa app needs an update
« Last post by jwlv on June 01, 2024, 12:15:17 am »
I was changing some skills in my Alexa app, disabling and enabling some of the skills I had.
When enabling a particular skill, I was prompted to link my account. This is normal. But every time I tried, I get a message "Unable to link accounts. Your Alexa app needs an update."  For three weeks I couldn't get it to work. At first, I thought it was the skill that was the problem. So I waited to see if the skill would be fixed. Then I thought maybe it's the Alexa app. So I waited for the Alexa app to get an update. Finally I found out that it wasn't the skill or the Alexa app. In a Reddit and a Github post, I read that Amazon changed the way it links accounts and broke some skills. And according to the posts, the only way to fix it is to delete the Alexa app from your phone and reinstall. I did just that, but the problem still persisted. I figured out a different fix that actually worked for me. I logged into my Amazon account with a desktop computer and enabled the skill I wanted from the computer. And then linking my account to the skill worked as expected from the computer. To enable a skill from your computer, just go to and search for the skill. And then you can enable the skill and link your account. I don't know what's going on with Amazon and their Alexa team. But things seem to be falling apart there.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Echo show playing issues
« Last post by renegade600 on May 30, 2024, 01:58:43 pm »
there should be a skill installed in the alexa app.   try disable then enable it again.   other than that, there is not much you can do about it since it sounds like the problem is at their end.   
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Radio Station on 2 Echo DOTs
« Last post by nikkimac72 on May 29, 2024, 08:33:39 am »
I have the same issue in the 'group' I created with them being out of sync by just a few seconds. It is annoying when I'm in a spot in the house and get it from both directions.  My group is just called Upstairs and always has been but the out of sync has always been an issue.  :-(
Amazon Echo Discussion / Echo show playing issues
« Last post by nikkimac72 on May 29, 2024, 08:23:34 am »
I have an Echo Show.  The past few weeks, I will ask it to play a certain morning show.  It will pay the ads then no sound however it shows it is playing as it shows a Stop/Pause for it on the screen but again, no sound. Can hear the ads fine as well when I asked it to play music from SiriusXM it came right now.   I have unplugged it but still does it.
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