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Amazon Echo Discussion / stop the btw's
« Last post by renegade600 on August 07, 2022, 04:01:36 pm »
ran across the following and it is supposed to be a way to stop the by the ways..  Not tried it yet but will when have time.
« Last post by jwlv on August 05, 2022, 10:24:01 am »
I don't know if this has changed, but in the past if you move your Echo device to a different country/region, you need to contact Amazon customer service to reset the country/region. You can change it in the Alexa app device settings and it'll look like it has updated your region, but skills, content, and other stuff will still be from the original region.
« Last post by hrpuffnstuff on August 05, 2022, 06:30:38 am »
I need to completely reset, start again both my echos

I brought them from the UK (and the app) to the Philippines where they worked for a while but now they are erratic
BOTH dont respond to my voice or commands, say the cant connect to this and I would like to do a complete 'format'
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: "Server is unresponsive"?
« Last post by renegade600 on August 03, 2022, 07:53:11 pm »
if there is an alexa skill for the ge switch, try disabling it then enable.   also you can try unplugging the show for 40 seconds
Amazon Echo Discussion / "Server is unresponsive"?
« Last post by robtish on August 03, 2022, 01:56:18 pm »
I'm operating GE Enbrighten Zigbee switches via an Echo Show and suddenly yesterday when I tried to use Alexa to control them, half of them (not all)  are saying "Server is unresponsive" in the app, and my Alexa speaker said it couldn't find that device in my profile

This happened after they'd been working fine for months.

This happened a few months ago as well, and I procrastinated at resetting the switches, and found one day that they were all working fine again.

Does anyone have any idea why half them would go offline together at the same time (and then come back a couple weeks later even though I'd done nothing to fix it)?
you ever consider using Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer button?    You link them to the hue bulb  and screw onto the light switch.   No wiring involve.    For those who have trouble remember, they can use the button to turn on the lights without messing with the voice setting.   I got a couple of them and they work great.

Haven't tried them yet... I've been busy on a few other money heavy projects (Paid off my house a month ago, etc...) and haven't had the time to do anything lately because of the heavy work load I've been taking on. I have considered the Lutron stuff though... Maybe soon I will have a little easement in my cash flow since we paid off the house and maybe one of the cars will be paid for soon as well. I will keep you apprised of such changes and how I like it though.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: My Amazon Astro Robot came early
« Last post by jwlv on August 03, 2022, 01:49:31 am »
Scratch bug #1 off the list. It appears that the Astro team just fixed the volume bug. Now I can tell Astro to change the volume without it locking me out of voice control until reboot.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: My Amazon Astro Robot came early
« Last post by jwlv on August 03, 2022, 01:38:23 am »
The only real use that I found to be worthy of the Astro is to bring something to another room. For example, I can tell Astro to take a bottle of water to the kitchen.

The Astro Ring security features are kind of primitive. Yes, it can alert me through the app when it doesn't recognize the face of someone in my house, but my home security system would already have alerted me that someone opened the door or broke a window or something. These security features also require a Ring Protect Pro subscription (6 months trial is included). I believe the subscription costs $200/year. If you already have Ring cameras and other Ring devices, you already pay for the subscription. So this wouldn't add to the cost of the Ring subscription.

Other than that, it's just an Echo Show on wheels. The audio quality for music is just average. In fact, it sounds kind of muddled. If you do get an invitation, I would recommend buying it. It is very cool technology even though it doesn't work as well as I want it to. Still it is worthy of giving it a try.

There are several bugs that I've already found.
1. If I say Astro, volume 6 (or any other number), Astro will stop listening after that. It's as if the mic mute button was pressed, but it wasn't pressed. To fix this, I have to reboot Astro. And sometimes it takes a few reboots. The physical mic mute, volume up, volume down buttons do work as expected though.
2. If Astro is near a step or some other obstacle, it will stop moving. To Astro, near means about one foot away which isn't near at all. One time Astro decided to hangout near a trash can. I didn't put him there. It went there on its own because I was in the same room. But when I tried to take over control through the app, Astro decided that it was too close to the trash can and refused to let me take control. The app didn't even give me the correct error response. It just said something about not being able to take control at this time and to try again later. It was after many trials and errors that I found out this happens when it's too close to an obstacle. But it shouldn't have been too close because Astro parked itself there on its own. Once that happens I can no longer control moving it even to make it to back up or to turn another direction to get away from the obstacle. At the same time, the camera stops working. So even if I was still able to control it, I can't see where it's going. The only way out of this state is to tell it to go to a preprogrammed location, e.g. Astro go to the kitchen.
3. If I say Astro get out of my way, Astro move away, or Astro you are in my way, or anything that resembles me telling it that it should move away, it starts playing some song with a similar title. It seems that any time Astro doesn't understand something, it starts to play some song with a similar title to what I am asking it to do. The only way that I've found to make Astro get out of the way is to tell it to go to a preprogrammed location (e.g. Astro go to the kitchen) or just say Astro move! Any other variation of this will result in playing some unknown song from Prime Music.
4. Not a bug, but it gets in the way more often than not. It likes to hang out in high traffic areas. There is a setting to turn off "hang out" but that just keeps Astro on the charging base. I'd like it to "hang out" near by, just not in the direct line of traffic. As far as I can see, there isn't a way to tell Astro to hang out in a designated location.
5. A few times Astro stopped responding completely by voice commands. It only responded to the app. I rebooted Astro and it came back in the same catatonic state. After a couple more power off/reboots, then it started working again. This is probably related to the Volume bug (above).
6. It seems that Astro's voice control is disparate from the app. You can ask Astro to do the same thing by voice and by app, and the results will be different. It makes me think that two different development teams worked on this.

I can see some resourceful hacker piece together an Echo Show with a Lidar capable robovac and a Raspberry Pi and probably accomplish the same thing.

Amazon does have a 60 day return policy on the Astro. At this point, I have not made up my mind to keep it or return it.
I understand that... but have none done that way. All bulbs have a name and all rooms are named. Only the den and living room have a bunch of bulbs in them, the rest are single bulb rooms... So really I do have some bulbs set up that way, just through Hue bridge instead of direct with echo... kinda... LOL

I've been on the echo and Hue thing for about 6-7 years now... There's been a lot of changes in that time frame... I've tried a lot of things that are normal, and keep going back to my original stuff when possible. It's just too difficult to teach the rest of the people in the house how to do things.

you ever consider using Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer button?    You link them to the hue bulb  and screw onto the light switch.   No wiring involve.    For those who have trouble remember, they can use the button to turn on the lights without messing with the voice setting.   I got a couple of them and they work great.
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