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Alexa Software Development & Technical Discussion / ECHO battery back up?
« Last post by JMB on August 08, 2023, 06:11:25 am »
Has a small battery backup been considered for the ECHO so one can be unplugged and carried to another room and either be able to listen all the time that going there or used somewhere without a mains supply - garden, shed etc.

Amazon Echo Discussion / All users able to access full Contact list
« Last post by JMB on August 08, 2023, 06:08:47 am »
I wanted to let visitors just use a couple of ECHO as an intercom between rooms but it seems as if by default, all users get full access to the Contact list. Any way to limit this?

Echo Technical Support / Re: alexa app and SO SO SLOW
« Last post by galdemboss on August 05, 2023, 11:19:18 pm »
I had the same problem.

I got the Solution.

If your phone book is too large, giving permission to access it, Creates this problem.

Remove/Deny permission of Alexa app to access contacts.... and Voila, everything is superfast.
I think I found it and it was because there was a group named Office which makes no sense as it was in there before. I deleted group and could rename device to Office.

Glad you got it worked out.   Similar names can be a problem with alexa.   Sometimes updates will mess things up even though it worked before.   I had similar problmes with a couple of names myself a while back.     You might have been okay if you were able to get it going without a reset.   
I think I found it and it was because there was a group named Office which makes no sense as it was in there before. I deleted group and could rename device to Office.
"Alexa doesn't support that" (Smart plug) connected to light. Lost power and had to re-add the device to App, ideas?


Strange but I am sure not new. Lost power. One plug did not come back online and blinked red. I reset it. It came up in Alexa App as "4th Plug". I renamed it to the old name I used before which was "Office". "Office" disappeared from the device list.

SO when I said "Alexa Office on"So Alexa, she rudely and in an aggressive demeaning holier than thou outburst stated defiantly: " Alexa doesn't support that".


Ok,I have nothing else in terms of a device named "Office" in Alexa app.

I do have a few scheduled (click) time routines that had "Office" device name in them which became blank (as they should) after plug was reset.

So I had to go in to each routine and add the action to: Office light on or off. Then received from echo same response "Alexa doesn't support that".


I did not want to erase all the routines since they did not have "Office" as a real device name but they had things like "Office on morning 1" in the routine name section which imo should not matter, it is a name.


So I then changed device name of "Office" to "Bonus". So then I had to create 2 actual phrase routines which I never had to before called "Alexa Office On" and on for "Off". Those would turn "Bonus device Smart Plug-On and Off. And changed all routines to reference the device "Bonus" instead of my "Office" which worked for years.


But I really want the office name.. Boo Hoo...


I used like we all do be able to say Alexa (plug, or light name) and power state (on or off) "Alexa Living Room On (or office).


Thoughts for getting Office device name back and eliminating the " Alexa doesn't support that" message from Echo?


Thank you very much for your time.


Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Setting up new echo show 8 for my 94 yr old mom
« Last post by draker on July 20, 2023, 11:28:31 pm »
Thanks  jwlv for your helpful reply. You are correct, I donít want my phone calls answered by my mom being that her device will ring every time I get a cell call! 
Iíll remove my cell number from her device. Is that done by rebooting it?, by restoring it to factory settings- basically wiping her settings clean and starting all over?  Must her new device have an associated phone number in her set up? 
Thanks again.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Setting up new echo show 8 for my 94 yr old mom
« Last post by jwlv on July 20, 2023, 02:56:52 am »
Alexa to Alexa calls or drop-ins do not require a phone number.

Unless you actually want to have Alexa make and receive phone calls, you don't need a phone number at all. You do need a smartphone to set up the Alexa initially and also to change certain settings afterwards.

Be careful if you do set up an Echo device and allow it to use your smartphone's phone number. Anyone that calls your phone number will also ring on the Echo device. I'm pretty sure you don't want your 94 year old mother answering all your calls. Also if you give it permission to read your contact list from your smartphone, all those contacts will be known to the Echo device.
The problem can be any number of things.

When Alexa hears your command to turn something off, it sends that command to Amazon, which then connects to the skill of the light bulb (Kasa), which then the Kasa server connects to your light bulb and tell it to turn off.

As you can see, if any one of these steps encounters a problem, then the command fails. On Alexa's side, all it knows is to send that command. The confirmation beep only confirms that Alexa heard you and sent that command to Amazon's server. It does not verify that the skill is currently working, the Kasa server received the command from the skill, the Kasa server connected to the light bulb, or the Kasa server successfully told the light bulb to turn off.

Although it has not been confirmed, but the word on the street is that TP-Link is planning to discontinue the Kasa line of products. In the past when other companies began to sunset their products (e.g. Blackloud Smart Switch, Logitech Harmony) users have reported intermittent problems. That is, things that used to work fine started not working once in a while. And then that once in a while becomes more and more often.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Setting up new echo show 8 for my 94 yr old mom
« Last post by draker on July 19, 2023, 11:43:35 pm »
Hi forum!
Iím a new y to this forum and to the Alexa world. I recently purchased a new echo show 8 for my 94 yr old, totally non-tech savvy mom, hoping to engage her with the extended family using video calls, allow her to enjoy some streaming audio shows she enjoys but are no longer on radio, and adding some aids for her increasing dementia.
Iím having difficulty setting up the calling capabilities (both video and audio). Since she doesnít have a cell phone (only a landline), Iím trying to get her a phone number unique to her device so that the family can call her. Does she even need a phone number?  If calls are made Alexa- alexa, can the family call her device simply by using their Alexa app on their phone and telling it to call her device by name? 
Sorry for my ivnirznce in the Alexa world! 
Thanks for your help!
Rick Drake
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