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Hi all, none of my echo devices - echo show and three echo dots - can recognise my local radio stations anymore. This problem only started in the last week or two. Up to that, there was no problem. The radio stations concerned are: South East Radio (Ireland) and KCLR Kilkenny (Ireland). I can connect via my mobile phone (cell) without any problem.
Has anyone come across this before?
Echo Technical Support / Echo Dot stopped receiving calls
« Last post by johnf52 on October 04, 2021, 05:11:06 am »
As a family unit we have three Echo dots in each of three accounts.  All nine units are actually on the same network as they are within the same building.
Everything has been working fine for over a year until suddenly one or two of the "Dots" have stopped receiving Alexa to Alexa calls within these groups.  eg if Karen, upstairs, calls me from one of her Dots, two of mine downstairs will respond but the third, cheerfully continues playing the radio station, or Spotify, or whatever, whereas previously, it would interrupt itself to say "Karen is calling".  I reiterate that Karens dots and my Dots have separate Amazon accounts, but are connected to the same network.  There are identical issues with the third member of our family Barrie.  The dot that does not work is always the same one.  This issue does NOT randomly move from Dot to Dot.
The Dot that does not receive calls is quite happy to make them and respond to all other commands (Time, weather, calendar, read my book etc etc )

Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how we can get our "Alexa Network" back on task?

This should have made headline news, but it didn't. September 30, 2021 was the expiration of a major root certificate.
Read here:

Let's Encrypt is a free HTTPS certificate provider. One of their root certificates expired yesterday. Millions of devices, applications, software, firmware, etc. have used this root certificate. When the certificate expired, other servers will not allow anything that uses the old certificate to connect. Essentially it renders affected devices, software, etc. obsolete. The only way around this is if the manufacturer or developer updates their device or software with a newer, current root certificate.

I don't know if this affects Plex. You could try updating the Plex software on your server to see if it helps. It is also possible that the 1st gen Echo devices are using the expired certificate. Or the skills used the expired certificate.
As of Thur, 9/30, the Plex skill responds properly but no music comes out on the 1st gen Amazon Echo and the Amazon Tap (1st-ish gen). But it does work with Emby (similar software to Plex, but the Emby skill requires an SSL cert for your home server) as well as Tunein, Somafm, Pandora, iHeart, and Amazon Music.

(The WJST Jet Set Radio skill developed the same problem.)

2nd and 3rd gen Echo Dots have no problems with any of those audio skills.

Both Plex and WJST worked the day before. I did unplug the Echo and powered down the Tap, no luck. Rebooted router also, no difference.

I have noted a little difference in the way those two devices handle Plex; if you tell them to Stop while they are playing music, the last song still appears on the Plex dashboard and may stay for awhile, unlike with any other gen of Echo device. However, it hassn’t created a problem with playing music in the past.

But now, a Plex music request from the 1st gen Echo or the Tap never shows up on the dashboard (Plex Dash app).
Amazon Echo Discussion / How to use a multi-room group name in a command
« Last post by xFlip on October 01, 2021, 07:15:50 am »
I have a multi-room group called "downstairs". Alexa struggles to recognise anything I say to refer to the group. 

Should Alexa recognise the following?  Which does Alexa recognize most readily?

(1) "Alexa, play White Christmas on downstairs"
(2) "Alexa, play White Christmas on downstairs group"
(3) "Alexa, play White Christmas on the downstairs group"
(4) "Alexa, play White Christmas on the group called downstairs"
(5) "Alexa, on downstairs play White Christmas"

Any others?
Amazon Echo Discussion / No location on Alexa App
« Last post by Aalsaif on October 01, 2021, 06:55:08 am »
When  writing a routines, …… location is not showing on” when this happens “  as well as the sunrise and sunset on “ schedule “. Any advise please.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Amazon Hardware event
« Last post by David N on September 29, 2021, 07:29:59 pm »
I truly believe that amazon has lost complete awareness in regards to their customer base.
Show 15, probably intended for a kitchen area. Why would you want it mounted on the wall? You will have to reach over counters, appliances, etc. If you did want to mount it, amazon should have designed a wall mount where you could just spin it 90 degrees like the Lenovo picture frame. I do find it quite ironic that the evening prior to the debut of this device amazon pushed out another buggy update to the shows that again disables viewing pictures.
The Halo update would be more respectable if they just came out and said "guys, we really screwed the pooch on our original design, we had no idea what we were doing when we designed and marketed a health band with no screen". What customers have really been asking for is an actual smart watch but no sign of that.
Customers have also been looking forward to a 2nd gen echo auto and studio but nope! And just what happened to the echo flex? Quite a clever little device.
The kid stuff, ? I'm not in a position to comment as we don't have kids.
The Ring drone, 5 minute flight time? Just put a $25 wyze cam in each room.
The robot. THIS IS JUST DAMN COOL. Completely unnecessary and an absolute waste of money but if I had a grand to burn, you bet! As for the name, Astro, it's clever being the name of the Jetsons dog and all but shouldn't it really have all the same wake words as current echos?
I also thought that they should have highlighted some of their recent product announcements. I'm looking forward to the new Kindle with a warmer backlight option. Many new Fire tv devices also coming out.
2021 has been by far the worst year in the devices having stable software. I have been chasing bugs in the system since February. While amazon has been just drifting, Apple has made huge gains and if they are not careful I can see Amazon losing their market dominance. Meanwhile Google is still hung up on "we really don't think you need sensors or buttons or cameras for triggering routines". With Matter on the horizon I see the smart home industry just as fragmented as ever.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Amazon Hardware event
« Last post by scottrods on September 29, 2021, 07:17:37 pm »
The flying cam is definitely the one thing among them I think is worthy of attention. The "Big Show" an honorable mention, but nothing new except size... which I am interested in as well, but not terribly notable other than that...  put in my request for the invite. Hopefully it's not a year out like the Echo Auto was...
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Amazon Hardware event
« Last post by renegade600 on September 28, 2021, 11:01:18 pm »
look like some of the rumors were true and some not.  I was really hoping for a soundbar.   I did ask for an invitation for the robot but I doubt I will order one.  Too expensive for something that is nothing but a rolling show.    Otherwise there is nothing else that really interest me.   
Echo Technical Support / Can't figure out how to construct routine
« Last post by schuh8 on September 28, 2021, 06:04:23 pm »
I have a device hooked to my garage door opener that will open or close the door when activated. It does not know if the door is open or closed. If I say Alexa "garage door" it will open it if its closed or close it if its open. I also have a Wyze contact sensor on the door which knows if its open or closed.
Here's the problem. I want to set a routine such that at 8pm every night it will close the garage door IF its open. If I just set a routine to activate the garage door opener at 8pm then it will open it if its already closed!
The data is all there, I know if the doors open or closed and I can activate the door, but darned if I can figure out a routine to close it IF its open !!! Would IFTTT help?
Any help greatly appreciated (if it's possible at all)
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