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Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Need help creating an if-then scenario
« Last post by Joachim47 on December 17, 2022, 04:32:23 pm »
Alternative solution: run the exhaust fan for given time interval rather than opening a window which is easy to automate and serves the purpose of reducing the humidity in the bathroom which otherwise condensates on walls when bringing in cold air from a window in the winter time. A humidistat would be also a helpful device to trigger message.
Another option is to have a echo dot with temperature sensor build-in that triggers message when temperature goes below or above chosen set point. I use this during the summer in the living room to set speed of ceiling fan based on temperature and that works for me very well.
Amazon Echo Discussion / another new and annoying feature rant
« Last post by renegade600 on December 17, 2022, 02:14:14 am »
When I go shopping, I wear alexa frames or echo buds so I can access the shopping list.   As I pick up items, I will immediately remove them from the shopping list.   Lately they added an annoying feature where when you want to remove something when in the store, it says if you want to continue, please unlock the phone. 

It is completely unnecessary and after hearing it dozens of time while shopping, extremely annoying.    Phones do not stay unlock when not being used.   I would have to constantly unlock the phone for no apparent reason since the item will still be removed.

Wonder why they even bother. 
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Need help creating an if-then scenario
« Last post by tuicemen on December 16, 2022, 03:33:49 pm »
Ok, so this reminder that I want is just not possible with Alexa so easily?
I'm unable to look at the Bosch smarthome app here in Canada so You might be able to do something with it.
 I just re examined Alexa routines and you may be able to do a simple reminder once  the bathroom window is opened wait a specific time then say Bathroom window is open.However doing if else logic is not currently  available with Alexa.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Need help creating an if-then scenario
« Last post by prikkelpitt on December 16, 2022, 12:23:40 pm »
Ok, so this reminder that I want is just not possible with Alexa so easily?
Echo Technical Support / Re: Intrusive Alexa
« Last post by tuicemen on December 16, 2022, 11:36:16 am »
Have tried to disable your phone in the Alexa device list?
You should also beable to uninstall or
disable Alexa in your phone.
Echo Technical Support / Intrusive Alexa
« Last post by on December 16, 2022, 09:22:57 am »
Didn't know how else to describe this.  Alexa was recently added to my iPhone through and update.  I used to listen to books through my phone.  I have Alexa and several Echos in my home.  Now, however, Alexa will not allow me to listen to a book through my phone.  I don't want it to do that.  Quite frankly the sound quality is much better through my phone.  How do I remove my phone from the "devices."  Hope this makes sense but only way I know to describe it.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Need help creating an if-then scenario
« Last post by tuicemen on December 16, 2022, 07:40:16 am »
You most likely will require a Home automation software. Something like  home- assistant which also has a Alexa skill and will run on any OS.
I run HomeGenie which would do this with some added code for the Bocsh devices.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Multiple Dots accessing single device?
« Last post by Jersey on December 15, 2022, 06:51:04 pm »
I have 3 Echo Dots, but only one properly works my Schlage Connect Door Lock. The other two respond with , "please manually Lock ..."

-using Hubitat Zwave as hub.
-Hubitate Skill: tried removing/reinstalling on Alexa account. Doesn't fix it.
-Hubitate: Excluded/Included the Schlage device. Doesn't fix it.

In all cases, only one (the same) Echo would successfully control the lock.

Any ideas?

Amazon Echo Discussion / Need help creating an if-then scenario
« Last post by prikkelpitt on December 15, 2022, 02:29:20 pm »
First of all I would like to apologize. Because my English is not so good, I use a translator.

I have installed some smart home stuff from Bosch Smart Home. Among other things, smart radiator thermostats and also door/window contacts. I have integrated all devices into Alexa and everything works as it should.
The door/window contacts automatically close the thermostats as soon as you open the window for ventilation. However, since with us, for example, after showering times the whole day the windows are then open, it is of course quite cold in the bathroom, especially in winter.
Therefore, I would like to set up a reminder in Alexa, which reminds me or whoever is at home, that the window is still open.
This automation should do the following:
If the window is opened, nothing should happen at first, because that's the way it's supposed to be. After about 30 or 45 minutes, however, Alexa is supposed to remind "Please close the window in the bathroom" until someone actually closes the window. If the window is not closed when prompted, Alexa is supposed to send another reminder.
At the moment, I can only get Alexa to say "Please close the window" as soon as the window is opened. But I want her to say this every 30 minutes as long as the window is open for more than 30 minutes.
And then preferably only between October and April, because in the summer our windows are constantly open, because the heating is off anyway.
Is that possible somehow?
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: astro invite
« Last post by jwlv on December 15, 2022, 03:07:32 am »
Good call. It's way too expensive to justify the purchase for what it can actually do. After a while it became an annoyance having it being in the way sometimes. It really should have a camera in the rear so that it can move out of the way when it sees someone coming. It doesn't even move out of the way if it is facing you. But it is made the same way as the Echo Show 10 (3rd gen). The screen along with the camera can rotate left and right and move up and down, but that's it. The other camera that telescopes up isn't used unless you extend the telescope. But if it is extended, it won't allow you to move Astro fearing that it may run into something.

Although this did not happen with me during the time I had the Astro, I can imagine that it would happen had I kept it. Quite often I am bringing in bags of groceries and what not. The Astro is short. If I'm carrying bags of groceries (or a couple of stacks of bottled water from Costco) I won't be able to see the floor directly in front of me. If Astro decided to hang out there, I'd trip over the thing, break Astro, smash my groceries, and crack my head in the process.
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