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I received the email this morning too, no reason for me to subscribe to it.    I already have ring security.     Keep waiting for the shoe to drop on alexa by them claiming cloud storage is too expensive.   It is bad enough with the ads on the shows and it is getting worse.   
Amazon Echo Discussion / Amazon Prime Video Commercials
« Last post by jwlv on January 08, 2024, 03:35:18 pm »
Amazon states, "... starting in early 2024, Prime Video shows and movies will include limited advertisements."

"Ads in Prime Video content will be introduced in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Canada in early 2024, followed by France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Australia later in the year."

Limited advertisements? Of course it's limited. What's the alternative? Unlimited advertisements? But they could show 45 minutes of commericials on a 60 minute show. That's still limited. Kind of redundant to even say the advertisements will be limited.
According to an email from Amazon:

"This is a reminder that you will lose access to Alexa Guard in the coming weeks. Starting today, you should not use Alexa Guard to detect smoke alarm, CO alarm, or glass break sound events in your home."

It is replaced by Alexa Emergency Assist which costs $5.99/month. It does have the ability to call emergency services, but it is not 911. Amazon states that emergency calls are answered by Rapid Response Monitoring Services, which I believe is similar to an operator for a monitored home security system like ADT, Brinks, or Vivint.
Alexa Across the Pond (Europe) / Re: Playing music
« Last post by redrose54 on January 07, 2024, 04:57:11 am »
what is the command you have been using?   Usually all you have to do is to tell alexa to play (music) on (name of dot)
Basically anything I can think of from “Alexa play [stream name] on Echo Pop” to “Alexa play [stream name] in main bedroom” and numerous combinations of those.
Alexa Across the Pond (Europe) / Re: Playing music
« Last post by renegade600 on January 07, 2024, 02:54:14 am »
what is the command you have been using?   Usually all you have to do is to tell alexa to play (music) on (name of dot)
Alexa Across the Pond (Europe) / Playing music
« Last post by redrose54 on January 06, 2024, 07:33:01 pm »
Please forgive me if this is a glaringly stupid question but I’m a possibly the least technically knowledgeable person on the internet!

First a quick bit of background, I live with my elderly mother, physical disability has left me bedbound since 1996, and since October my mum is becoming increasingly so. We are in adjoining rooms. I have an Alexa Dot and I’ve bought mum an Alexa Pop (unfortunately a combination of her age and health means I’ve been unable to train it to recognise her voice).

I can do 99% of what I want to do but I am unable to instruct her Pop to play music, every conceivable instruction I can think of still ends up playing the music on my Dot; any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
That's the nature of apps on any smartphone, Android or IOS. When an app is in the background, it goes to sleep mode to save power. When an app is in sleep mode, it does not activate right away when something demands its attention. Nothing you can do about it because it's controlled by the operating system.
what kind of delay would you say I should expect?
Really depends on what the routine is for.   I think you will have a delay no matter what you do,

I've set up a few routines that mainly work well but I've noticed a delay (sometimes quite long) and I'm wondering if they might be solved by using a "proper Alexa" rather than just the app?

I am using NFC stickers, Macrodroid and Voicemonkey to trigger a routine to adjust the dim level of some lights.

When I use my phone and NFC to trigger the routine, if the App is on the screen at the time (or whenever I change so the app is on the screen) then the routine triggers immediately.

If the app is not on the screen (open but in the background) then it may take much longer to trigger, sometimes almost immediately and often to the point where I can believe it hasn't worked/will never work.

If I then look at the Alexa app, the routine runs straight away.

I thought perhaps buying a physical Alexa device might fix this or perhaps some tweak of the Android settings to make the app not "sleep"? Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? I don't really want an Alexa but will happily do so if it makes the whole experience robust.

Thanks so much for reading!
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