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Really depends on what the routine is for.   I think you will have a delay no matter what you do,

I've set up a few routines that mainly work well but I've noticed a delay (sometimes quite long) and I'm wondering if they might be solved by using a "proper Alexa" rather than just the app?

I am using NFC stickers, Macrodroid and Voicemonkey to trigger a routine to adjust the dim level of some lights.

When I use my phone and NFC to trigger the routine, if the App is on the screen at the time (or whenever I change so the app is on the screen) then the routine triggers immediately.

If the app is not on the screen (open but in the background) then it may take much longer to trigger, sometimes almost immediately and often to the point where I can believe it hasn't worked/will never work.

If I then look at the Alexa app, the routine runs straight away.

I thought perhaps buying a physical Alexa device might fix this or perhaps some tweak of the Android settings to make the app not "sleep"? Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? I don't really want an Alexa but will happily do so if it makes the whole experience robust.

Thanks so much for reading!
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: alexa app missing items
« Last post by jvk of md on December 26, 2023, 07:47:26 am »
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: alexa app missing items
« Last post by KyleMW on December 23, 2023, 09:36:52 am »
For Groups you need to go to the the new "Devices" page and up in the top right corner is "See More".  That will take you to the old-style "Groups" page where you can add groups etc.

"Scenes" on the other hand have gone missing.  I'm finding that if I add scenes to a room or zone in the Philips Hue App, they will eventually show up in Alexa.  I have not tried removing a scene.  The only way you can get at Scenes in Alexa, at the moment, is to add one as a line item in a routine.

To get them to bring back the "Scenes" page everyone needs to go to the "Help & Feedback" page in the Alexa App and use the "email" option, as they don't pay any attention to these or other forums.

Amazon Echo Discussion / alexa app missing items
« Last post by jvk of md on December 23, 2023, 08:36:15 am »
Since they changed the app on ios I can no longer find my Groups or my Scenes.  If I go to try to add a group they sort of show up but I can't just find them neither in devices or settings.  I thought about deleting the app and reinstalling but is all my settings backed up in the cloud or do I have to redo everything?
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: messaging specific Alexa devices
« Last post by renegade600 on December 23, 2023, 01:32:38 am »
you can give the command  - Alexa, drop in on (name of the device) if you want a specific device.    I am not sure if you can do several at once other than all of them. 
Amazon Echo Discussion / messaging specific Alexa devices
« Last post by lark03 on December 22, 2023, 09:22:31 pm »
this is going to be a bit long winded so please excuse the length and any confusion but i have recently changed all the Alexa devices in my household so they can all be easily controlled under one account,

i have set up profiles for each family member, my question is is it possible to group together selected Alexa devices to receive calls and messages (for example i want to message/call my dad it will only send the message/call to the Alexa devices in the Livingroom and his bedroom)

i have tried making a group which includes multiple rooms / Alexa devices in hopes that i can call the group and it would call every Alexa device in said group (the Livingroom and bedroom) but it appears to only call one device?

and if i was to send a message to my dads profile the message notification would appear on all devices in the house which i do not, want i only wish for it to message his bedroom/ the living room.

i have managed to set up each individual room in the house as a group so i can call them individually just not multiple rooms at the same time

I'm wondering if this is possible with Alexa's at all??
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Your Follow Updates
« Last post by hconstantzos on December 20, 2023, 08:37:54 am »
I found on my Android, if I go to the Alexa app, click on More, then the Follow Updates tile, there's a gear icon in the upper right. When I clicked on that, it took me to the setting that shows what interests I'm following and I could turn them off to stop the announcements.
Echo Technical Support / Re: alexa app routine
« Last post by KyleMW on December 19, 2023, 10:17:12 am »
Ah...  Sorry, can't help you with that one

Echo Technical Support / Re: alexa app routine
« Last post by culvdavi on December 18, 2023, 01:37:58 pm »
I have a routine when I say goodnight it turns off all interior lights. I added to the routine to wait 10 minutes then turn on motion sensor scene. Then I made another routine to turn off scene at sunrise but scene stays enabled all the time.
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