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Amazon Echo Discussion / Echo dot gen 3 always muted with red ring
« Last post by chp357 on January 21, 2023, 03:36:20 pm »
I've had this gen 3 dot for a few months for my grandkids. It is rarely used but it did work fine. until a couple days ago. I walked past the girls room and noticed the dot had a red ring around it and the mute button was also red. Tried pressing the button to unmute it but nothing happened. Still red. Tried unplugging for several minutes and then power up again. When the power on was complete the mute button is still red and the light ring also is red. Did a complete factory reset, Alexa says going into setup mode then says resetting. After a minute or so says it is setup  mode but the bitton is red along with the light ring as well. Tried this a couple times, same result. After reset the dot can find the wifi and says it is ready for use but I can't speak to it because the button says it is muted. Any idea how to correct this isssue? Any ideas are welcome. Thank you for your time.
Amazon Echo Discussion / a feature wanted on alexa
« Last post by renegade600 on January 19, 2023, 03:43:48 pm »
I did send feedback on this but doubt it will come to past.    Don't know if you noticed, a lot of stores now give the aisle location of a product on their websites or app.    It would be nice if you could ask alexa where the item is instead of having to search for it in the store or find some associate who will claim it is not their area to help.   I am already wearing the frames to take things off the shopping list as I pick it so this additional feature would really come in handy. 
Echo Technical Support / Re: Specifically Dot 3 audio quality
« Last post by renegade600 on January 17, 2023, 09:20:48 am »
just for clarification, you are saying music is okay but not the spoken word?     
According to the skill in the android app, it says

This skill requires account linking,  If you have multiple profiles in your household, Alex will only enable and link this skill for the profile that is currently logged in.

IMO,it is saying you will not be able to do what you want.
Anybody have any advice on how to do this?

I for one have no clue what Tidal is... so maybe it's not common to the users here. I would think going through the Tidal people would be a first point of entry to find out though. If their stuff works with Echo fo you, they surely know how to expand the user base for their product... right? But for a comparison, don't get too excited, as Apple and The Bridge for my HUE lighting is not terribly friendly and I've been to Apple and Hue both and no joy... for over 2 years, even with all the updates they've been given.

Good luck figuring out a cure.
Echo Technical Support / Re: Specifically Dot 3 audio quality
« Last post by AlanH on January 16, 2023, 05:05:12 am »
Both Dot 3rd gens running latest firmware?
Echo Technical Support / Re: Lifx bulb in Lifx app but Alexa can't see it
« Last post by AlexaSTOP on January 15, 2023, 08:22:30 pm »
I was constantly getting unresponsive wifi lights and echo dots. A router reboot sorted for half an hour or so, but then the unresponsive lights and echo's would-be back. Turned out I had to change the channel of WiFi 2.4ghz. it had been set to11 without problems for 6 months. Must have been a neighbours new router interfering.
I set mine to auto and no problem from there on.

Disabled the Lifx skill, closed everything, re-enabled.  Got the notifications that my Amazon account had been linked with Lifx Optimized for small home skill.  Went to Alexa app and tried to add a new device.  It still couldn't find it in Lifx.

Reset the light because Lifx said it was unresponsive.  Couldn't get anything to connect to it.  After the reset, Lifx found it, added it to the proper group, and I can control it's off/on, color, and intensity with the Lifx app.  Changed its name just in case anything was remembered on the old one..
Echo Technical Support / Specifically Dot 3 audio quality
« Last post by AlexaSTOP on January 15, 2023, 08:16:05 pm »
I have a dot 2 and a dot 5, sound quality is clear with no problems.

However, the 2x dot 3's I have, the sound from Alexa's responses is completely unintelligible at the worse and bad at the best. No top end, just muffled like it is covered with a pillow.

The EQ settings in the app make no difference whatsoever to Alexa's spoken responses, no change - EQ does not seem to touch Alexa's responses.

EQ does however change the quality from any streaming of Amazon music or streaming radio stations and it is quite acceptable.

I talked to customers services who were assuring me this seems strange and they haven't heard of it before 🤔 I sent one back for an exchange..which is exactly the same.
Warranty period expired just after that so I'm stuck with it.

Anyone else or just me? If so, is there a fix for it without using external speakers?

Echo Technical Support / Routines
« Last post by AlexaSTOP on January 15, 2023, 08:03:45 pm »
I use the routines to wake me up early with huebulb and music on Monday, and Friday which works great. The trouble is the Monday and Friday I need to use these routines are not every week, they are alternate weeks.
Is there any way of setting the 'Every M F' checkboxes to 'Every other M F'? Being woken up at 4.40am for no reason on the other week I don't need to is a pain.

I could turn off the routines when not needed but I am sure to forget to turn them on again. I just want to setup and leave it.

Any help appreciated.
Anybody have any advice on how to do this?
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