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Echo Technical Support / 2nd echo show8 wont connect to ring
« Last post by jonti007 on December 08, 2023, 08:50:34 am »
I have a echo show 8 working with ring, I now have a new show, but I cant find a way with alexa app to connect it to ring. Am I the only one to find the alexa app not to be user friendly? I would appreciate any help to sort my problem. Cheers
Amazon Echo Discussion / Running Water Detection
« Last post by Runningbrook on December 05, 2023, 08:19:21 pm »
Hi all,

I set up a routine  to detect the sound of running water in order for Alexa to announce that the water is left running in the bathroom. It's able to detect that the toilet is flushing and make an announcement, but it cannot detect the faucet running.

I don't want to announce to everyone that I just finished using the toilet. I just want it to announce the water is running.

Sound detection doesn't seem to recognize the sound emitted by my faucet when it's running. Anyone able to successfully make this work?
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Almost ready to throw Alexa in the trash
« Last post by Joachim47 on December 04, 2023, 12:59:35 pm »
I have reduced my voice activated routines to 7 of 27 and rely more on automation trigger inputs based on time, motion, temperature, and daylight. The voice control is only done for things that I don't have a good way to trigger or don't want to spend the money to add directional sun light and wind to the equation. The voice recognition and the lack of AI to understand intent rather than rely on precise wording is my biggest grief with the voice control today.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Almost ready to throw Alexa in the trash
« Last post by marklyn59 on December 04, 2023, 12:18:25 pm »
Yep. I hear you.  I'm 3 years into Alexa and will not be buying any more devices.  I already have tons of bulbs, plugs, light switches and when there is a fail and it requires me to set ieverything up a 4th time, then I will start migrating to another smart home solution.
I love it when it works but when it doesn't or 'loses' some devices and re-adds them as generic devices, it is a pain to fix everything back.
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Almost ready to throw Alexa in the trash
« Last post by TE5LA on December 04, 2023, 12:09:52 pm »
The entire Alexa system is terrible. I constantly have issues with giving commands, only to hear Alexa say "Blah blah is offline". I can give the same command to Google Home and it is done successfully. Sometimes, I can give Alexa the same command 5 seconds after and it works.

I had commands to turn on lights in the morning but deleted them all from the app. Alexa still turns my lights on at the same times. I can't get it to stop running these routines.

I recently moved to a new town, created a new "Home" on the app. I do not have all the same devices I used to have, but Alexa still "finds" devices I had at the previous address and adds them. Of course, they don't work because they don't exist, but Alexa doesn't care.

All these issues stem from the fact that Amazon keeps all this information on their servers and deleting or changing things in the app doesn't always get done on the servers. This is why they want us to re-register our accounts because it deletes the old information and starts over.

I have an Nvidia Shield Pro and nothing will make it work with Alexa. I've done everything correctly and the skill links correctly and Alexa says it will work, but any command results in "Nvidia Shield is not responding".

Since I can control Shield using Google Home from my phone or even from my $13.99 smart watch (through Google), I'm thinking of making a switch of hardware.
Alexa Tips & Tricks / Schedule a routine with voice
« Last post by PhoenixFIF on December 03, 2023, 03:55:55 pm »
I have created a routine, Good Morning, that turns up the heat and performs other functions.  Do to my regular changes in my work schedule I would like to set the time to run by voice command through Alexa. I have tried several different commands like "Alexa, schedule Good Morning for 7AM with no Luck.  Anyone know how to do this?  Thanks
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: Alexa echo & app arenít doing the same thing
« Last post by KyleMW on December 01, 2023, 11:11:13 am »
The only thing I can think of is that one plug is still a "plug" and the other has been designated a "light"

in Alexa, in each of the device settings for each of the plugs, have a look at the "Type" and check to see that both plugs are still "plug" or have been designated "light"

Good Luck!

Amazon Echo Discussion / Alexa echo & app arenít doing the same thing
« Last post by Fozter on December 01, 2023, 04:04:49 am »
Alexa echo & app arenít doing the same thing
I can use the alexa App to Ďswitch off living room lampsí (2 lamps on 2 Wi-Fi plugs). However, when I ask my echo to do it, it only switches off 1 of the plugs. Iíve tried to reset both plugs but it still doesnít work. Iíve reset the echo. But when I reset the echo it relearns the wrong command and only switches off 1 plug. The same phrase on Alexa app switches off both plugs. Whatís going on? I feel Iíve tried everything but no one knows how to fix it?
Amazon Echo Discussion / Re: set Timer by Another Zone Region
« Last post by AlanH on December 01, 2023, 03:59:20 am »
Set a timer adding or subtracting the time difference for the country in question.
PROBLEM SOLVED: I've always been working from the Wyze app point of view on the iPhone. However, the problem was a setting in the Alexa app on the iPhone. At the home screen of the Alexa app on the iPhone, there is a device entry for the "Front Doorbell." If you select that device, a Live View of the Wyze Video Doorbell comes up. In the upper right corner select the "gear icon." This will bring up a display for the device and ... The Notification Settings! The "Doorbell Press Notification" was already set to ON, but the "Person Detection Notifications" was set to OFF! Wow. How simple. Why didn't anyone including the Wyze support bot mention that! So, problem solved. The iPhone and Echo now announce doorbell presses and person motion detection. Close this problem out, please.
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