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Custom Skill C# WCF Service - the response it returned was invalid.

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Hi all,

My skill was working fine until a few weeks ago, my amazon echo started to answer by "There is a problem communicating with the requested skill" when I tried to call my skill, for any intent.

My service is receiving the request properly and performs the action related to it without issue. The json response did not change from before and is properly formatted as per the JSON Interface Reference for Custom Skills.

However, when I use the Test Service Simulator, the service performs the action related but in the Service Response area, the following message is appearing: "The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid."

My SSL certificate is valid and the authority trusting the certificate is in the Amazon-approved certificate authority list.

Here is the configuration of my skill:

  • Custom Interaction Model
  • Using Https service endpoint (targeted on C# WCF Service returning json)
  • SSL Certificate: "My development endpoint has a certificate from a trusted certificate authority"

Basically, here are my questions:

  • If you already had this issue, how did you solve it?
  • How to debug the skill in a better way and how to know what happened in the Test Service Simulator when it sent the request?

Thank you very much.