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Help! Accounts have gotten intertwined

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Help! Accounts have gotten intertwined
« on: September 08, 2018, 09:10:11 pm »
Hi.  My sister got a prime account yes ago and I split the cost with her.  My prime shipping worked fine all this time.  I recently bought a FireTV and I noticed that when I try to watch prime video content, it asks me to sign up for prime.  After a painful call to Amazon support it was determined that we were using the "old" household system.  So my sis booted me from prime and reinvited me.  Voila, now prime video works, yay!

However....  I went to the supermarket and pulled up my Alexa app and checked the shopping list.  I saw "wet dog food" which is interesting as I have no pets, lol.  Turns out that now our accounts are intertwined; we have a shared shopping list, shared to do list and I found out today she can control my smarthome devices. 

I don't care that she has access to my stuff, she's my sis.  It IS however, a hassle when our list data gets merged.  Has anyone else had these problems?  If so, how do you fix it?  I want to be able to use prime video, but I don't want any of our data to mingle.  I also see her Echo devices when I go to settings.  I only want to see my own stuff.

How do I fix this?  We decided to conference call to Amazon if we can't find a solution ourselves, but I really want to avoid that if we can.

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Re: Help! Accounts have gotten intertwined
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2018, 12:54:51 am »
Years ago Amazon didn't really care if people shared Prime people who lived elsewhere. But more recently, they've started restricting things and forced family members to share things. For example, a shared family user will have access to your credit card and order things with that credit card.

As you stated you were on the "old" household system. One way that Amazon forced you into their new system is by not allowing you to use certain Prime features on any new devices. Thus you were forced to the new system to enable Prime features on your new device. But that also removed some of your grandfathered benefits. I believe in the new system, there can be only 2 addresses for free Prime shipping (unless you're sending something as a gift). In the old system, the max was 6.

If you do call Amazon, please let us know what you find out. What I said above is basically a hodge-podge of info that I recall from here and other forums.

Re: Help! Accounts have gotten intertwined
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2018, 09:08:42 pm »
Thanks for the reply.  Amazon was no help, and it took forever just to get them to grasp the issue.  I ended up just finally getting off the phone and having my sister boot me from her prime household then I signed up for my own prime account.

I could live with the lists being intertwined, but we found that smarthome stuff also links so as I have a "lights" group, she cannot. 

Sounds like a savvy plan by Amazon to force more people to buy prime *sigh*