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Echo Plus won't connect to Verizon Router/Wifi combination HELP please pretty?

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Hi! I am new to Echo. I just got the new Echo Plus a couple of days ago. I installed the app. I have the thing literally sitting in my hallway so it is not next to a wall and is next to the verizon combo router/wifi. I get as far a echo with the amazon wifi and then it says it connects but then when I go to put in my 2.4G or 5G it says it will take a minute and then nothing happens.
I am a very technically inclined person but I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
I reset the Echo once already.

Thank you for looking at my question.


This worked to fix that problem for me during the Alexa Echo Plus setup. 

1.   I unregistered the Echo Plus by going to and clicking: SettingsDevices (the name of my Echo Plus with the word “Offline” under it)  About Device is registered to: (my name).  To the side, there is a box to click to “Deregister.”

2.   Next, I changed what my laptop computer allows my wi-fi to do by temporarily changing the laptop settings so it would “search for other devices” by going to: SettingsNetworkConnectionsWi-Fi (the name of my wi-fi network)Find Devices and Content.  At that location, there was a switch on/off for “Find PCs, devices and content on this network and automatically connect to devices like printers and TVs.  Turn this off for public networks to help keep your stuff safe.”  I turned this switch “On.”

3.   Returned to the Alexa website, and registered the device by clicking: Settings Devices Set Up New Device.  I selected a USA time zone and matching zip code, since I am living abroad in Russia.  This time I was able to go through the entire registration process with “Continue” buttons and am happy to say it works. 

I hope this helps others.  It took about an hour of trying different online suggestions, then poking and guessing, before I decided to try this “Find Devices” toggle.  I feel awesome that I got it to work and hope I can help others by posting this.  

sometimes you can be too close to the router.  try setting it up about two-three feet away.