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IHEART radio on Echo

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IHEART radio on Echo
« on: June 22, 2016, 08:51:47 pm »
First, let me say I love my echo. I use it mostly to listen to music on Spotify and IHEART radio.
Spotify is great. I can setup my playlists with short names I understand and call them by name.

IHEART is a big source of frustration for me.

How you identify channels is something of a mystery.
When I find a channel that works, it seems logical to me that I could parrot back to her the channel name
she says, and she would know where to go.  This only works about half the time.

Play "kool 108".  she replies "kool 108 on iheart radio" and plays the channel. great.
Play "kool 108 on iheart radio" works.

Play "kdwb" does not work.
Play "101.3 kdwb" does not work.
Play "kdwb on iheart radio"
She says "101.3 KDWB on iheart radio" and plays the channel.
if you try and say "play 101.3 KDWB on iheart radio" she shuts off after "play 1". 

Play "cities 97" radio works great.
She says "Cities 97 Minneapolis St. Paul on IHEART RADIO".
that one is a mouthful, but it works.

play "93x" on iheart radio, play "93x" radio both work.

Now there is a sports talk station named KFAN here, and apparently
in about a dozen other places too.
I want the one in Minneapolis.
Play "KFAN on iheart radio" gives me one in Texas every time.
Don't know how to get the one in Minneapolis.

Play "Twin Cities News Talk Radio"
I think you want the station "Twin Cities News Talk Radio right?".
I say yes.
She says "News Talk AM 1130 on IHEART RADIO" and plays the station.
OK, nice. Now I try to get rid of the "right?"
If I ask for "News Talk AM 1130 on IHEART RADIO".  She can't find that.

I guess I am asking for a list of the "shortcodes" to use to  ask for any given station,
if such a thing exists. Or the ability to add one somehow, so I can get to the channels
I want without a computer screen.

It seems to me there are call letters or something that are unique to each channel.
Why not use those?

Any ideas?

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