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Recruiting participants for a research study on Alexa!(Participants compensated)

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Hi all! I am Aafaq and I am a computer science PhD student at North Carolina State University and I am conducting an interview based research study on Smart Voice Assistants (Amazon Alexa etc) with the goal of improving the voice interface based on users suggestions. Please consider signing up if you are eligible based on the criteria mentioned in the details below. Participants will be compensated with a $15 Amazon e-gift card if they are called for and complete the interview.
Sign up using this link:

Flyer and details (also see flyer attached for QR code):
"Join Our Interview Research Study On Usage of Smart Voice Assistants!

Do you live in the US? Are you at least 18? Are you an active user of smart voice assistants (like Amazon Alexa etc)?
If so, we would like to hear from you!

About us: We are a group of researchers at North Carolina State University studying smart voice assistants.

Interview study details:

Where: Remote (via Zoom)
When: Interviews will take place in March and April 2024
Duration: 30 to 45 mins
Compensation: One $15 Amazon e-gift card (if you are interviewed). After you submit the initial short survey, we will notify you within 30 days if you are selected for an interview. Interviews will be audio recorded.
Questions? Email:

To participate in the interview study, please fill our short initial short survey:

This study has been approved by NC State University's Institutional Review Board."

Note: Consent was taken from the admin @jwlv before making this post.

Given that this is an unusual post on this forum, I am commenting with hesitation to the underlying issue.
This could have been an Amazon, etc idea to supplement their own limited focus on the cultivation of a concept that has frustrated user for a long time.
Given there are 2 basic issues, language recognition as a primary mode of interaction, and understanding the request in a conceptual way.
While there is considerable progress on the language side made, the capability of interpreting the intend of the statement received is completely lacking Finesse.
There is some hope with AI to take that aspect over, whereas your project seems to be not a timely meaningful way of addressing the basic limitations we are encountering on a daily basis.

Thank you for your response. I understand the basic issues that you mentioned. However, our research project focuses on specific aspects within Alexa (which may not be described in details here on purpose just to avoid introducing any bias in people's responses/opinions beforehand). The details will be shared in the interview itself with the goal of improving specific aspects of Alexa's voice UI. Your opinion can help us design interventions to improve Alexa's voice interaction model.

Please consider signing up for the study using the following link to discuss more: