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soccer scores last straw for shows

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soccer scores last straw for shows
« on: August 16, 2023, 04:02:15 pm »
Got soccer scores the other day on my different shows.   Had to go to home content to disable scores and schedules.   Getting tired of having to make rounds to all the shows to disable things in home content.   In addition, I am tired of all the sponsored ads.

I am replacing all but one with echo pops.   They are currently on sale but I am getting them at Lowes Home Improvement because besides the sale prices, I get an additional five percent off.   They are on order and will pick them up on Saturday.

The old shows will most likely go to the local Humane Society's thrift shop.   Not even worth trading in on Amazon.   I am keeping one show because of Ring doorcams.   I will be setting up a routine to restart photo frames every three hours.     

That is enough about me, how are you handling the sponsored ads and all the new home content settings?