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Routine on one Echo doesn't work on another

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Routine on one Echo doesn't work on another
« on: September 06, 2022, 07:17:27 am »
I had an Echo Spot in my bedroom, and had created a two-part "goodnight" routine: it turned off lights in the bedroom, then a custom action turned off the Echo's display ("turn off your display"). Worked just fine.

Some time ago I bought an Echo Show 8. That replaced a Show 5 which I then put in place of the Spot in the bedroom (the Spot was put elsewhere).

The Goodnight routine works, except that just about 1 minute later, the Show 5's display turns itself back on. There is no indication why: it's not accompanied by a sound and the display has no message (just the standard home screen). But if I say "Alexa, goodnight" a second time, the display turns off and doesn't turn back on until the morning wakeup routine.

What's going on?