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Need a voice command to guarantee Alexa is in a specific account/profile

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To preface, I have 2 account profiles set up with the Echos in my house - let's call them [Jerry] and [George].

Without getting into it too much, I am working on some automations (routines) that get triggered externally, via SmartThings, which I have gotten to work very well. The problem is, for those to execute to, say, shuffle and play [George]'s music, that echo has to first be in [George]'s account. Otherwise a command

I know that through a routine, I can send a specific command to Alexa. So what I thought would be easy is to first 'say' "Alexa, Switch to George's Account" and if it was currently in [Jerry]'s account, it would switch to [George]'s account. It DOES this! Great! The problem is, when it is already IN [George]'s account, it switches to [Jerry]'s account, as though it doesn't matter WHO I'm saying, it just acknowledges the command to switch accounts regardless.

Any suggestion for how to ensure an echo is in a specific account/profile?

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If you’ve trained different voice profiles, Alexa will know automatically who is talking. Once Alexa knows your voice she will use that profile to access info from that particular account, such as shopping lists, reminders, etc.

To set up voice profiles, go to the Alexa app, tap more at the bottom right, then settings, then your profile & family. Then add a name or choose your name, then set up Voice ID.