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Echo dot not finding any Bluetooth devices

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Echo dot not finding any Bluetooth devices
« on: March 25, 2022, 07:24:23 pm »
I want to be able to pair an Echo dot with a Bluetooth-capable output device.

I have done this before and it worked fine, but thus time, across multiple Bluetooth speakers and multiple echo devices, I just can't get them to pair.

I set the Alexa app to search for Bluetooth devices, and it just sits there apparently searching,but finds nothing. I know the devices are actively waiting to be paired as my phone displays the ID when I search.

Additionally the phone can see the echo device on Bluetooth during thus time and I can pair with the dot from the phone no problem - the phone then appears as a Bluetooth device. But the alexa app does not report that the dot sees anything - it just sits there claiming to be searching.

I suspect that this is an error on the app rather than the hardware. Has anyone seen this issue before?

Any assistance gratefully received.