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Deleting ALEXA DEVICES that have been lost so cannot be RESET

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Didn’t even think about doing this before I moved. Left some 3rd party ‘smart devices’ with my ex-wife so she can create her own account from mine. When I open the ALEXA APP here, it still shows those devices that I gave to her but she has not turned on anything.
I need to DELETE/REMOVE those devices from my list. Every time I try to SEARCH it adds those devices back into my list. I have deleted them many times but they keep coming back.
These devices are ALL smart switches to turn on/off lights. Nothing else.
Can someone help me delete these items PERMANENTLY from my ALEXA APP.
The HELP for removing them indicates I must use the MANUFACTURER app to RESET them. I do not have physical access to these ‘old’ devices.
I cannot even figure out how to DELETE my ECHO SUB and 2 ECHO DOT(series 4).
Marty The Hun

Re: Deleting ALEXA DEVICES that have been lost so cannot be RESET
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2022, 09:41:35 am »
just  deregister them in the app