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Have recurring Alexa reminder that goes off about 8:53am, cannot find in app

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Have recurring Alexa reminder that goes off about 8:53am daily, cannot find in app.
I set it up one time BUT cannot find it in Alexa app, have cleared caches in Alexa app (not data cache). Forces stop, rebooted phone which I do anyway automatically a few times a week.

 I have no calendars linked to Alexa. The reminder is not set up in any routine.

I look at passed reminders--cannot find it

When it goes off and I look at recent reminders in Alexa app--not there.....

When it pops up on my phone and I click on it, it will not take me to that reminder. Just takes me to apps reminder screen. If I click on SAVE (whatever that does for reminder), it does nothing.

If I ask Alexa if I have any recurring (or repeating) reminders she says "no".

If I ask Alexa what are my reminders for tomorrow it is never listed by her reply

Strange. Have used Alexa and app since 1st generation

Thanks for any advice. Really


Have you tried just saying "ALexa,... Stop all reminders"?
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