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how to start a smartplug by voice, and have it turn off after a preset time

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How to start a smart plug with:

   "Alexa, turn <smartplug name> on"    (this part works fine now)

and then for the smartplug to turn off automatically after 60 minutes?    (I don't know how to set this part up)

Thank you.

Create a 'routine' - and have the routine turn on the smartplug, wait 60 minutes (or whatever) and then turn off the smartplug.

For some reason Alexa won't allow placement of the off command after a wait. Puts it before.

Yeah, all but a few commands put into a routine are loaded at the top, but you'll notice a couple of horizontal bars for each item on the right hand side (like an = sign).  You can 'grab' that and drag the item to anywhere you want in the sequence of the routine.  'Wait' commands are amongst the few loaded at the bottom, but they can still be re-positioned.

By using that, you can set the order of events in your routine to your satisfaction.

Thank you, KyleMW,
I created the routine as you advised -- and because I wanted a 90 minute ON time instead of 60 minutes, I inserted two 45 minute waits before the OFF command.

Yup!  Or 3 x 30 min or a single 1hr30min.  Having multiple, smaller, segments makes it easier to add other commands at different time intervals....

Have fun!

Alexa, set a 60 minute sleep timer for (device name)