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Can't figure out how to construct routine

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Can't figure out how to construct routine
« on: September 28, 2021, 06:04:23 pm »
I have a device hooked to my garage door opener that will open or close the door when activated. It does not know if the door is open or closed. If I say Alexa "garage door" it will open it if its closed or close it if its open. I also have a Wyze contact sensor on the door which knows if its open or closed.
Here's the problem. I want to set a routine such that at 8pm every night it will close the garage door IF its open. If I just set a routine to activate the garage door opener at 8pm then it will open it if its already closed!
The data is all there, I know if the doors open or closed and I can activate the door, but darned if I can figure out a routine to close it IF its open !!! Would IFTTT help?
Any help greatly appreciated (if it's possible at all)