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Stream and shuffle all your favorite Amazon Music-here's how I did it

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I play music all day on my Echo and Echo Dot.  I got frustrated with hearing the same music repeatedly when I knew I had over 220 songs as "favorites" or "likes".  After research, trial, and error I realized Alexa only shuffles about 20 songs at a time.  Here's my solution.

I opened the Amazon Music on my laptop, sorted in alphabetical order by song title (this gives you a nice starting shuffle).

I took 20 songs at a time and created 11 playlists:  Favorites 1 - 11

I established a speaker group and gave it a custom name:  mine is Combined Speakers.  One in the living room and one in the bedroom.  No matter where I walked in my home I could hear the music.

I added my Echo and Echo Dot to the group.

Here's the important part:  playing on the speaker group is pre-determined by saying the phrase "play music".  So, I would say "Echo, play and shuffle Favorites 1 music".  At first I had to tell Echo at the end of the phrase "on Combined Speakers".  But after the first two times it wasn't necessary.

A playlist of 20 songs will play continuously for about 1.5 hours.  When it stopped, I would just tell it to play the next one.

Now, I have 220 songs playing and shuffling continuously.