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Echo stopped finding playlists for my library

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Echo stopped finding playlists for my library
« on: August 21, 2021, 04:26:31 pm »
I have one first generation Echo, and four third generation Echos, so I've been using them for a long while.  I have a substantial music library, almost all of which was purchased from Amazon, with maybe 90 songs uploaded from my PC from back when that was still possible.  I have always used my Echos to play music from my library, usually by way of playlists.  Last night I added songs to an existing playlist using the Amazon Music PC app, and since then the Echo cannot find any playlist.  I can start a playlist from the AmazonMusic app on my phone, but when I try to start one using the voice command to Echo it replies:

"Here's a station for you based on 'Playlist Name'" on Amazon Music

It starts playing, but the music does not encompass the playlist, and now includes ads for the first time ever.  Until last night it always replied:

"Playing 'Playlist name' on Amazon Music.

What has changed, and how do I change it back to get the correct functionality?

BTW - I have looked at other posts on a similar topic and tried some of the suggestions - no change.
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