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Routines and devices dependent on one Echo

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Routines and devices dependent on one Echo
« on: August 16, 2021, 08:55:51 am »
I have two echo devices, a Dot and a Show. They are in two different rooms, but are fairly close together (within earshot). I have several devices and routines,most of which I set up when I only had the Dot. When I got the Show, I set it up with the same account and added it to the group 'All Devices', along with the Dot.

Lately the Dot has had problems staying connected to my wifi network. Unplugging it and reconnecting usually works for a short while, then it loses the wifi connection again. It's not a problem with the network. Everything else works on it. This isn't my immediate problem though.

Whenever the Dot goes offline, none of the older devices and routines work on the Show. I can't find where a device or routine is associated with a specific Echo device, but it appears they are.

How can I get them to be associated with my Show instead of my Dot? Thanks in advance.