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Possible to create routine triggered by motion sensor only once per day?

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I have an Echo Flex motion sensor on order from Amazon - delivery not until May. I was hoping to use it to trigger a routine as follows: Walk into the kitchen in the morning, motion sensor detects movement, triggers my Echo Studio to play my news briefing, weather forecast and calendar entries. I would only want this to happen once in the morning, and never again during the day even when motion is detected. Motion the following morning would trigger the routine for the new day. Is it possible to create a routine that would only be triggered once per 24 hours, and no more?

It can be done fairly easily.  When you've chosen a motion sensor as the trigger for your routine it will take you to a page where you can choose which day of the week, activation times and a "Suppress For".

Being as you probably won't be 'exactly' 24hrs between activations, I would set a activation window for the earliest you'd want it to trigger, until too late - in a rush to get to work time.  (ie: start: 0700-0900) and then set the 'Suppress For' to 3 hours.  That would mean it would trigger at 0732 when you first walk into the kitchen and would be suppressed until 1032 which is later that your trigger window, therefore it wouldn't trigger again until the next day between 0700-0900

Hope this helps!


Thanks - Iíll give that a try.


Works perfectly - triggers my morning briefing once a day in the kitchen when motion is detected and not again until the following morning. Thanks!