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Alexa Show drops all calls within 12 - 15 sec after being moved

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I moved my mother from the 10th floor independent living to 2nd floor assisted living.  Each unit has its own modem and password. Alexa worked great on the 10th floor.  On the 2nd floor, all calls in and out are dropped in 12 to 15 seconds.  I spent much time working with Amazon.  It is a first gen Echo Show 10".  She is able to ask it the time, weather, etc. but is totally upset about not being able to call and I cannot drop in on her anymore.  Amazon had me deregister the device and then add it again.  With the help of a nurse for the password, we have it up and running again - but calls are still immediately dropped.  I have the cell phone with me (5 hrs away) and can see that the unit is online sometimes, and off line others.  She does have a oxygen concentrator nearby (maybe 6 feet?).  Could that cause wifi interference?  Is the wifi signal too weak?  She is both hearing and visually challenged and totally upset over this move.  Would a newer Echo Show require less bandwidth?  Anyone with any ideas out there?  (She is 99).

Re: Alexa Show drops all calls within 12 - 15 sec after being moved
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did you try moving it as was suggested over at reddit?   You also never mentioned whether or not news and music dropped too.   Also wonder what wifi is it connected on 2.4 or 5 GHz.   If possible try the one not being used.