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WiFi Range Extender.

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WiFi Range Extender.
« on: May 25, 2021, 08:38:33 am »
Using the Alexa App, I connect the Echo Dot to the main router and all works well.
I also connect an Amazon Fire tablet.
I have a TP-Link TL-WPA4220 Powerline Adapter /WiFi Range Extender (AV600).
Utilizing a WiFi switcher, the Fire automatically switches to the extender if the main signal is weaker.
The Echo Dot remains connected to the main (initial setup) network signal.
I have now configured the extender to have the same WiFi name and password as the main router.
However, even though the Fire still automatically switches, the Echo Dot remains connected to the primary network, despite the extender having the same name and password.
Is this to be expected or have I set up the Echo Dot incorrectly?

Re: WiFi Range Extender.
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2021, 01:51:21 pm »
normally devices connect to the strongest signal.