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Time Machine - Upcoming Alexa Skill | Early Access

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Time Machine - Upcoming Alexa Skill | Early Access
« on: March 19, 2021, 10:13:02 am »
Hi Everyone,

I'm part of a small studio in the North of Sweden who develops Interactive Audio Entertainment for Alexa devices, as well as for Google Assistant.

We have recently partnered with Harper Collins to produce an adaption of the bestselling The Copernicus Legacy book series and are currently looking for people who may be interested in an early sneak-peek of the skill to get some feedback.

The series follows a group of unlikely heroes who are set on a world-spanning adventure, to protect an ancient secret known as the Copernicus Legacy. If exposed, it could threaten the world, its future, and its past.

If you would be interested in checking out this new Alexa Skill coming soon, please just reply to this post and I'll be in touch with you through a Private Message with some additional information!

Note: If you are interested and do provide feedback, with your permission you will be entered into a lottery to win an Amazon Echo Show.