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so far new show 10 disappointment

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so far new show 10 disappointment
« on: March 13, 2021, 05:23:00 pm »
just my review - not asking for help.

so far I am pretty disappointed with the third generation show 10.   It does follow you like they claim but sometimes it moves towards the loudest noise.  It spends a lot of time with its back towards me watching tv when in the kitchen,   I live in a small apartment so the show is located on a bar between the living room and kitchen area. 

For whatever reason, it will not work properly with the amazon smart oven.   When I set cooking time whether it be microwaving or baking, most of the time, it sets a timer instead.   Sometimes, it even tells me I need to set up the smart oven in the app before using.   Fortunately I have the original "pringles can" echo device close at hand and use it instead.   The old device has a different wake name so there is no confusion.   The other day I got so frustrated, I asked the new show if can do anything right, it just asked if I wanted to send feedback.   

It replaced a show five but I also wanted to replace a couple other echo devices that was close to it.   Still undecided but did remove three different devices, two for the time being, one may return.   Sold the old show five already.    The new show does seem to hear better  - for the most part.   

I made a few calls and from my end, the calls are crystal clear.  No complaints from the other end so I assume everything was good there too.  No video calls yet.   I really like the bigger screen for the ring doorbell camera.   I did not know it will auto popup when the doorbell rung.  Wonder what it will do during a video call.   Got the ring doorbell at the same time. 

The sound is great for my usage.  I really don't play much music but I do play audiobooks and the sound is so much better than the other echo devices I have.   

I am using a stylus on the screen to keep greasy fingerprints off of it and it seems to work okay.   Might have to tap a time or two.   Also got the ads off the screen so it is mostly the artwork that came with it.   

anyway, that is all.