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No way to directly use Apple Music app on iPhone (not Amazon Music app), playing

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I have Apple Music set up as my default music player, and I can play Apple music by voice commanding Alexa. But I was expecting to be able to use the actual Apple Music app directly, browse my Apple Music library, playlists, etc. - and play directly from that app through my multi-room Dot setup.

I gather this is not at all possible? My understanding is that you can use the Pandora app directly and play through the dots -- not restricted to just voice commands -- so I assumed the same would be true of Apple Music app.

And no way to just use Amazon Music app and browse Apple Music library through that either? This is a deal killer, and very unfortunate. I imagine it's Apple being obstinate.

Please let me know if I'm missing something here before I return the three Dots I just received.



Major bummer.  Apple Airplay it is then. 

It is that way with any music library whether it be apple or android.    You can put the library on your computer and access with your phone using plex or mymedia.