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Echo Show 8 not being seen

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Echo Show 8 not being seen
« on: January 23, 2021, 11:49:58 am »
Apologies if this subject has come up before......
So our in laws and us have an echo show 8 each. We can video call them but they can't video call us.
Whenever they try and video call us it goes to our mobile. I have instructed them to check communication and contacts and our name but our Alexa device is not shown just our mobile and landline.
They have downloaded the Alexa app on their iPhone but I'm at a loss as to why their device can't see our dot show 8 but we can see theirs? It's got to be something simple 🙄 but at a loss. They are both in their 80s so tech and patience running thin.
Grateful for some help please.

Need to add:
They have an Amazon account
The dot show 8 was sent unregistered so they have registered the show 8 under their account
It is connected to their home wi-fi