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Using Echo 2 with a hearing loop amplifier

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Using Echo 2 with a hearing loop amplifier
« on: December 02, 2020, 01:09:07 pm »
I set up Alexa for my Mum who is hard of hearing. She watches the TV with the help of a hearing loop, which is connected by a digital signal from the TV. It would be great if I could connect Alexa to the loop as well. 

Technically, I can. I bought a Bluetooth 5 receiver and connected it to another input of the hearing loop amplifier. I can pair Alexa with the Bluetooth receiver and it works fine. The only problem is that when you switch Alexa to Bluetooth the loudspeaker goes off. I want both. The TV provides an option for sound to go to both the internal speaker and the (digital) output. Could Alexa not do this? I appreciate that with Bluetooth there is an issue with the delay and keeping the two in sync would require a delay to the internal speaker, but this surely cannot be beyond the wit of Amazon engineers!

The only solution I can think of at the mpoment is to connect a dual Bluetooth 5 transmitter to Alexa, and have a separate Bluetooth speaker on the second channel to replace the Alexa internal speaker. That's a lot of boxes and wires though!

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Re: Using Echo 2 with a hearing loop amplifier
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2020, 02:53:11 pm »
You could use an audio line splitter and connect the Bluetooth on one side and a small powered computer speaker on the other side.

Something like this should work:

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