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Routines on/off

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Routines on/off
« on: November 27, 2020, 07:15:08 am »
Echo needs to show routines as switches for better control within a routine.  In my circumstance I have to use 2 routines like so:  I have my porch light turn on at sunset to 40% brightness.  Then I had to do a 2nd routine that says when my doorbell senses motion my light brightens to 100% then after 5 minutes returns to 40%.  Great except I can only control the 2nd routine by using the timer clock (which keeps changing w/ sunset/sunrise)  instead of running it as a sunset to sunrise routine.  If the first routine could control the 2nd by turning on/off the enable/disable switch in the 2nd routine it would be great. 

Even like an away/home situation... If routine "away" could turn on/off other multiple routines to operate only under those circumstances then 1 routine could control certain lights and at times that I don't need/want controlled when I'm home... It could make echo/alexa way more useful setup. 

Re: Routines on/off
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2020, 11:29:11 am »
you should send feedback to amazon whenever you have suggestions.