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Problem with switching light groups off

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Problem with switching light groups off
« on: October 31, 2020, 09:20:10 am »


I have an issue controlling light groups (lifx and smart life).

I am using Alexa web interface because Alexa app is not available in my region.

I can create groups of lights in Alexa, can switch them on, but cannot switch them off. Alexa is saying that such action cannot be done with this device. It worked perfectly for several weeks till now. Devices can be switched off separately by voice command, and can be switched off by groups from their apps.

Tried rebooting Alexa, resetting Alexa and lights (full re-install), changing language, clearing cache, updating firmware, deleting all groups and creating new ones in Alexa and in lights apps, ..nothing helped to switch off groups.

Sent a mail to Amazon support, but maybe someone here can help me out too.