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Very new to Fire Cube Alexa

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Very new to Fire Cube Alexa
« on: September 07, 2020, 03:04:48 pm »
Hi All, as said - very much a newbie, with not much idea about what Alexa can do yet.

My initial plan was to use it to remote control outside lights and power printers, rather than walking up stairs when I want to print. I already have these on a radio remote control, but thinking I could hand control over to Alexa - maybe(?)

I have bought 4x what are described as Alexa compatible, cheap, 13amp plug adaptors, probably due for delivery tomorrow. When they turn up, where do I go from there please? Something about loading a 'skill'?

Is Alexa able to do more than turn lights off when commanded? Can I set Alexa to turn lights on/off at set times? Can Alexa turn lights on at dusk? Am I asking silly questions?